The Special Communication Organization and a government establishment that operates under the Minis “Where should I stay?” is one of the most common asked questions by the people. In fact, it is a loaded question. Furthermore, if we talk about New York City then this question becomes more prominent.


In New York City, there are more than hundreds of hotels. These hotels are starting from the old school Manhattan luxury to the neighborhood gem: named as eccentric boutique Brooklyn gems. There are always two types of hotels: cheap or expensive. However, this matter of talk is that you could choose a hotel at an affordable price having all the comforts. No doubt big brands come with flagships; on contrary, the micro hotels come up with small space due to cheapness.

For narrowing the field that which hotel offers the best service, guest experience and location. `We have put a great effort into researching and studying the top-rated hotels of the city. For showing you that what you are really getting from us; we also have captured the photos. The below-mentioned list is updated regularly that reflect the new pricing and addition:


Probably, below given every hotel was personally selected, reviewed, and vetted according to the following criteria:


  1. The team of Insider Reviews of travel writers over staying the course of a 1-night gathers some results. During that one night course, each hotel was personally reviewed and visited and vetted by the team.
  2. In New York City, the hotels are located in desirable neighborhoods along with a primary focus on Brooklyn and Manhattan.
  3. Ever these hotels are considered 4- or 5-star hotel in New York City. However, for an elevated experience that will not certainly disappoint, or a 3-star that’s a total standout.
  4. As several tourists use and check it: by keeping in view the Trip Advisor rating of 4 stars or above,
  5. The matter of price starts from $79 to $675 per nightstand, furthermore, changes depending upon the time of the year.
  6. With the help of attractive amenities, the hotel boasts. For instance food, unique design, architecture, or a number of other experiential elements that generally add value.
  7. The hotels also promote the stringent policies of COVID-19 for prioritizing the safety and health of all the guests.


The best hotels in New York City are mentioned below, and sorted according to the price from low to high:


1.  Arlo SoHo | Book Now

Category: Budget

Neighborhood: SoHo

Starting/the peak prices: $79 / $299

Best for: Both business and solo travelers, as well as couples

On-site amenities: Four bars, Restaurant, lounge spaces and co-working — everything is quite Instagramm-able

Pros: Having cheap prices of room and cool SoHo location

Cons: The bathrooms lack privacy and the size of the rooms can feel shockingly small

Arlo SoHo is well-known because of its trend of micro hotels along with sleek, barely 150 square feet: tiny rooms. Actually, it means mean tiny. From your bed you can likely approach to the bathroom, and there is little by way of its privacy.

However, it lacks in size, this hotel, Arlo’’ come up with a low starting price point of $79 and the bustling common spaces, sot that is actually a good deal for typically expensive like SoHo. Although the prices in the summer are also come closer to 190 dollars.



2.  Gild Hall a Thompson Hotel | Book Now

Category: Boutique

Neighborhood: Financial District

Starting/peak prices: $97 / $318

Best for: Business travelers

On-site amenities: extremely small gym, Nice restaurant

Pros: Intricate decor and design that stands in sharp contrast (a good way) to neighborhood surroundings.

Cons:  On-site amenities, and Starter rooms can also be small, in particular, the gym.

Thompson Hotel belonged to the World of Hyat; Gild Hall, and offers much more personality as compared to the typical hotel regarding Financial District. Welcoming and warming, for an overall rustic vibe the cozy decor is basically, inspired by Aspen country houses. The Details regarding this hotel is just like dark wood, brass accents and tufted leather, are woven completely as the property, side by side the lobby chandelier fashioned which is out of antlers.

It is out-of-the-box, and an interesting option for a corporate neighborhood.



3.  The Freehand New York | Book Now

Category: Budget

Neighborhood: Flatiron

Starting/peak prices: $98 / $278

Best for: Solo travelers

On-site amenities: nice restaurant, good bar scene, and co-working spaces: multiple

Pros: cool and hip with excellent on-site drink and food.

Cons: You may come to feel difficulty in sleeping because of the street noise that bleeds into rooms, if you are sensitive to it.

This hotel, ‘The Freehand New York’ is quite good pick for those who are budget conscious travelers and wanted to access the personality and convenience out their accommodations; however, it is also something good to look out.

You can also go with the accommodations of art-filled in character within the reasonable prices. In addition, from spacious suites to cheap bunk bed options. This hotel, Freehand is a perfect place to stay especially for those, who are seeking something lesser known as compare to Ace Hotel.



4.  Hotel 50 Bowery | Book Now

Category: Boutique

Neighborhood: Lower East Side

Starting/peak prices: $109 / $266

Best for: Couples

On-site amenities:  Rooftop bar along with killer views, and Restaurant

Pros:  the hip and style-minded vibe, and with a trendy cool views along with rooftop

Cons: Some may find the Chinatown/ LES location far from tourist sightseeing and noisy, however, a few number of people may love it.

To the gritty Lower East Side, a World of Hyatt Joie de Vivre property, the Hotel 50 Bowery comes up with boutique glam.

It is great because of its great views, well-appointed rooms, overall design, and rooftop bar.

With prime access to dining and nightlife along with the LES location near Chinatown offers a fun base and a plus point as well for many in Midtown miss.



5.  The Evelyn New York | Book Now

Category: Boutique

Neighborhood: NoMad

Starting/peak prices: $115 / $359

Best for: solo and business travelers and fans of historic hotels,

On-site amenities: lobby bar and Art deco-inspired restaurant

Pros:  NoMad and Art Deco style location

Cons:  The rooms that tend to be small, it can be expensive for

The Evelyn is a well-known historic NoMad hotel, which is recently underwent into the renovation of a multimillion dollar.

No doubt, it’s everything is brand new, however, still it is maintaining the roots of the building in history and music through Art Deco design. The Rooms are ideal for a solo business traveler because of the small side, or the couples who are looking for a boutique, an intimate stay.



6.  The Moxy Chelsea | Book Now

Category: Budget

Neighborhood: Chelsea

Starting/peak prices: $119 / $359

Best for: couples, and Marriott loyalists

On-site amenities:  restaurant with great views, Rooftop bar, and with multiple co-working spaces

Pros:  Marriott Bonvoy earning potential, Views for days, along with the Chelsea location

Cons: Can be expensive for because of it’s a quite standard offering

The Moxy Chelsea in flower district of Manhattan is wedged between the NoMad and popular Chelsea neighborhoods. As a Part of the Marriott family, the Moxy Chelsea is one of a best option for those who want to redeem or earn or points. A small number of rooms can be small, although their rooftop bar, stunning views, and great location appraisable.


7.  MADE Hotel | Book Now

Category: Boutique

Neighborhood: NoMad

Starting/peak prices: $121 / $299

Best for: Solo and business travelers

On-site amenities: lush lounge, and patio spaces for co-working lobby and rooftop bars,

Pros: The entry-level rooms is quite Standard and are just as nice as more expansive suites could be, and making it an easy decision to save money, the lofted beds in the smaller rooms are cooler,

Cons: Although, the bathrooms look nice, but are not designed efficiently

MADE Hotel has efficiently become more popular along with both business travelers and tourists for its central NoMad location, lush green-filled spaces, and hobo-chic design. It is a type of hotel that you should pick it, if you are interested the experiential, one of a kind properties that you will document on the ‘Gram.


8. Moxy East Village | Book Now

Category: Budget

Neighborhood: East Village

Starting/peak prices: $125 / $299

Best for: couples, Marriott loyalists

On-site amenities: Vibrant restaurant, cafe options, and bar

Pros: cool Moxy brand clout, Marriott Bonvoy earning potential, and East Village location

Cons: The rates of the room could be seem expensive because of the considering many rooms are on the smaller side

The boutique of Marriott on the budget of outpost in the East Village is a 4-star hotel themed after the vibrant of the neighborhood local scene. There are street art, clear nods to roll and rock, and other East Village countercultures. Rooms are small, however, common areas are fun, comfortable, and the location is pretty great.


9. Sister City New York | Book Now

Category: Budget

Neighborhood: Lower East Side

Starting/peak prices: $134 / $299

Best for: couples, solo travelers

On-site amenities: Rooftop bar with the great views

Pros:  A self-service approach and Affordable prices helps things to run smoothly. Check-in is the breeze

Cons: a few number of people may find it stand-offish and the self-service. For 2 people, the Rooms could be small.

Behind Ace Hotel, from the creative studio Sister City is a new spin-off property that caters to the busy, and experienced traveler.

Self-service tablets guide the guests through check-in, although th housekeeping and amenities are on demand.

It is one of the smart approach for savvy guests looking for avoiding the pain points of the crowded one, prefer an individualistic approach, and more traditional hotels.


10. The Knickerbocker | Book Now

Category: Luxury

Neighborhood: Times Square

Starting/peak prices: $164 / $351

Best for: The business travelers, the tourists, and families

On-site amenities: Celebrity chef-helmed restaurant, a nice gym, and rooftop bar

Pros: Nearby counterparts for roughly the same price, and the Luxury-leaning hotel in Times Square along with the nicer rooms than many others

Cons: It is a Times Square, therefore it can be noisy both from inside from fellow guests and outside traffic

In Times Square, the Knick is one of the nicer hotels. The rooms are quite spacious, along with a minimal look, although feel significantly higher-end thanks to zen-inducing generous floor plans and bathrooms, specifically, when compared to several of the big brand counterparts in this tourist point of mecca.


11. The Williamsburg Hotel | Book Now

Category: Boutique

Neighborhood: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Starting/peak prices: $170 / $557

Best for: groups of friends, couples,

On-site amenities: Excellent restaurant, seasonal pool, scenery rooftop bar, programming and pop-up store.

Pros: The Guests receive priority access to trendy pool scene and the popular rooftop water tower bar. The rooms are the gem-toned tiled bathrooms and perfectly good designed are gorgeous

Cons: The entry level is not soundproofed from other hotel guests and the rooms are very small. The only way to avoid both pain points is to splurging on a suite is really.

In Brooklyn, Williamsburg is itself much like the boutique concept, small-batch products, along with the local artisan wares, and whimsical intrigue spilling out from the bars, the most restaurants, and storefronts. The Williamsburg Hotel curates this approach with an offers panoramic city views, a meticulous precision and wonderful on-site drink and food that locals love, as well.

The hotel channels of the cool factor of the neighborhood, weaving it through guestroom products and offerings, weekly programming, and pop-up shops in the lobby, which includes everything from the basket flower and weaving arranging to music facials and sets. However, other areas of the hotels are overtly luxurious and modern, the Williamsburg Hotel is both, although laid-back vibe, within a more intimate.


12. Ace Hotel New York | Book Now

Category: Budget

Neighborhood: NoMad

Starting/peak prices: $175 / $419

Best for: Solo and business travelers

On-site amenities: Trendy restaurant, co-working spaces, bar, designer shops, and café.

Pros: The cool factor: on-site stores, eateries which are quite good, and a NoMad location, and you may not want to leave the property

Cons: Some rooms present tear and wear and the lobby could feel crowded

Ace Hotels have established themselves long time ago and there are at the pivotal positions in hip cities such as Palm Springs, Seattle Portland, and so on. It is actually a hipster, in the form of a hotel.

The New York City’s location has minimal rooms, moody lighting, and decor which is inspired by rock music and art. However, this is no all the hype, we will recommend Ace to those who is interested to feel like one of the cool and best local kids spread out on the leather sofas of lobby to co-work. Although unlike several of them, actually for spending night you will get to go upstairs. Choice is your either choose the bunk or the small bed room along with you may even land it under 2-hundred dollars per night.


13. Park South Hotel | Book Now

Category: Boutique

Neighborhood: NoMad

Starting/peak prices: $179 / $301

Best for: couples, and solo travelers

On-site amenities:  two excellent restaurants and Rooftop cocktail bar

Pros: Superb on-site drink and food within the competitive pricing for a 4-star hotel

Cons: The Pricing is not stable and it could surge hundreds higher as compare to its typical otherwise

There is relatively straightforwardness in the Rooms which are at the Park South Hotel. However, the recent renovations in the hotels have turned it into a highly reviewed hotel in NoMad neighborhood of Manhattan. In addition, it belongs to Joie de Vivre boutique portfolio of World of Hyatt and has excellent culinary program, which may very well upstage tasteful rooms.

No doubt it is quite reasonable price for a well-appointed 4-star hotel, aside from high season.



14. Sixty SoHo | Book Now

Category: Boutique

Neighborhood: SoHo

Starting/peak prices: $188 / $473

Best for: small group of friends or Couples

On-site amenities: Extra-ordinary lobby bar, French restaurant, and seasonal rooftop bar.

Pros: Fancy digs along with a SoHo address

Cons: Rooms prices could be a little fluctuate and expensive

However, if you have planned about SoHo and having a good budget for something, which is more spacious as compare to the micro sized rooms of Arlo, look to 60 SoHo. If we talk about fashionable shopping and dining, then it is quite near to the hotel places you in style-minded accommodations.

The hotel is perfectly cool, although a number of guests have complained about the staff members’ snobby or unaccommodating behavior, though we did not experience such element. Nevertheless, the prices can fluctuate wildly as the basic Queen Superior begins at a very accessible price.


15. The Park Terrace Hotel | Book Now

Category: Boutique

Neighborhood: Bryant Park

Starting/peak prices: $189/$329

Best for: Tourists, couples

On-site amenities: restaurant with bar, full gym, impressive breakfast buffet, complimentary amenity closet, a nicely-furnished terrace

Pros: New York-inspired breakfast buffet, and the lower key boutique vibe across from Bryant Park, along with the self serve amenities

Cons: It is quite expensive in high season and the rooms belong to standard category are small

Those who love boutique hotels and desired to be near Times Square, the Park Terrace is a great base for them. However, it is not thrust into it, minor details shine, from amenity closets available for the guests on each and every floor for grabbing the items that you may have forgotten to take with you. In addition, you can linger with a view to the tranquil furnished terrace and grab a drink from the adjacent bar. A goods which is locally sourced baked: a great breakfast buffet featuring. Without feeling stuffy, this hotel has great personality.


16. Library Hotel by Library Collection | Book Now

Category: Boutique

Neighborhood: Midtown

Starting/peak prices: $199/$399

Best for: Tourists, families

On-site amenities: Restaurant and bar, cheese reception, and library lounge for wine

Pros: Perks such as lounge access, happy hour, breakfast included in room rates

Cons: Rooms are not as stylish and feel dated as compare to other New York City hotels

By Library Hotel Collection in Midtown, the 4-star Library Hotel, New York is a paradise for a book lover. Although there is a plenty to adore even then that if you do not consider yourself a bibliophile.


17. The Beekman, a Thompson Hotel | Book Now

Category: Luxury

Neighborhood: Financial District

Starting/peak prices: $224/$465

Best for: if you are a business travelers, or Couples, fans of historic hotels

On-site amenities: gathering spaces and multiple excellent restaurants

Pros: friendly service, incredible architecture, drink and great on-site food

Cons: many previous guests have complained about the noise

Yet unassuming facade, behind the historic, The Beekman Hotel is one of the jewel hiding in the plain sight. Housed in a New York City, it is a landmark building dating: 1881. A breathtakingly preserved nine-story atrium is the hotel’s features. We spent the night there, and it was lovely, and this is sure that your money will well spent in a more affordable Superior Queen: equally iconic.


18. 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge | Book Now

Category: Luxury

Neighborhood: DUMBO, Brooklyn

Starting/peak prices: $240/$659

Best for: Couples

On-site amenities: rooftop bar, nice cafe, great-regarded restaurant, small gym, co-working spaces

Pros: Cool rooms make thoughtful use of the size so the standard offerings; do not ever feel like a compromise, even city views are incredible and a plus the waterfront location

Cons: The bathroom provides little, (if talk about the privacy)

Regarding rooms, 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge is well-known having stunning floor to the ceiling views of Manhattan along with of course, the Brooklyn Bridge. However, when you are close the drapes, repurposed materials, living plants, the abundant reclaimed wood, and soothing neutral colors make you feel like that you have escaped from a woodsy Scandinavian cabin. Along with front door access to Brooklyn Bridge Park, it is completely a respite.


19. The William Vale | Book Now

Category: Luxury

Neighborhood: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Starting/peak prices: $258/$550

Best for: Couples

On-site amenities: superb trendy rooftop, and best Italian restaurant, cocktail bar and restaurant, multiple adjacent eateries, shops, and seasonal pool,

Pros:  Along with unbeatable views, all rooms are the boast balconies and the on-site food and drink scene is worth a trip on its own

Cons: It is not quite cheap. Starter rooms are quite smaller still an expensive as well.

The William Vale in Williamsburg is one among the simplest hotels in Brooklyn with sleek rooms, a well-liked pool scene, and therefore the on-site rooftop bar West-light and Italian restaurant.

It’s one among the costlier options on this list, except for good reason. All rooms have balconies with a number of the simplest views of latest York City. While holidays and weekends can start at upwards of $500 per night, flexible travelers looking to book midweek or in winter will find deals under $350. For a special day, consider upgrading to a set or Manhattan view. Come sunset, you will not regret it.



20. The Conrad New York Downtown | Book Now

Category: Luxury

Neighborhood: TriBeCa

Starting/peak prices: $260/$504

Best for/known: Hilton loyalists, families, couples, Business travelers,

On-site amenities: Restaurant, small but nice rooftop bar, gym

Pros: All-suite rooms offer quite double the space of typical New York City’s hotel rooms for similar pricing.

Cons: Not everyone will love being in TriBeCa, which may feel faraway from uptown neighborhoods and attractions

An all-suite offering, you will be hard-pressed to seek out more spacious accommodations altogether of downtown Manhattan. The 5-star hotel carries a better tag, however, the added space makes staying here desire you’ve landed an excellent NYC apartment.


21. Andaz 5th Avenue | Book Now

Category: Luxury

Neighborhood: Midtown

Starting/peak prices: $371/$690

Best for: Business travelers, tourists, Hyatt loyalists

On-site amenities: Speakeasy-style bar and restaurant, gym

Pros: A central location near all major tourist activity and business hubs without being thrust within the frenzy of crowds, plus spacious rooms

Cons: Room design feels a touch generic, and housekeeping could pay better attention to detail

Andaz 5th Avenue, a World of Hyatt member, has a superb Midtown location beloved by tourists and business travelers for the convenience it offers. The high-end hotel is understood for being a dependable, fashionable brand, though, that solid reputation means rooms feel a touch generic. But they’re recently renovated and spacious. We stayed during a suite but solidly stand behind their Standard King Room because the most suitable option .


22. Loews Regency New York Hotel | Book Now

Category: Luxury

Neighborhood: Upper East Side

Starting/peak prices: $399/$799

Best for: Business travelers, couples

On site amenities:  well-appointed gym, Lobby restaurant, expansive spa and salon

Pros: Rooms are generously-appointed, whether you decide for a typical room or a set, and an outsized gym, and on-site spa and salon from a star stylist sweeten the deal

Cons: Some rooms have little to no view, or accompany street traffic on the lower floors

Loews may be a posh 5-star hotel in the Upper side of Manhattan, on the brink of Central Park and Midtown, and it is quite fashionable travelers in search of something a touch more mature (aside from the important Housewives of latest York City antics that have taken place within the lobby bar, of course) with a mixture of older couples and business types, also as families seeking more room for his or her brood.

Furthermore, it isn’t as splashy as some hipper counterparts, but this luxury property delivers on a classic hotel experience you’ll calculate to be elegant, well-styled, and quite comfortable.


23. Conrad New York Midtown | Book Now

Category: Luxury

Neighborhood: Midtown

Starting/peak prices: $429/$800

Best for: Tourists, couples, families, Hilton loyalists

On-site amenities: Good lobby restaurant, huge gym

Pros: All rooms are spacious, offering great value for families or those on an extended stay who want apartment-style accommodations without sacrificing comfort or style

Cons: The Suites are superbly great and also very costly as well, and should redundant regarding all rooms are of a type of suite

Where the Conrad New York City Downtown in TriBeCa could be considered straight-laced and traditional, the brand’s newer outpost in Midtown is contemporary and youthful, with a design-heavy approach favoring modern lighting fixtures, rich gem-tone velvet upholstery, and prominent element of art.

All rooms have quality standard at entry-level, just like its downtown sibling that feel more charming as compare to a generic bedroom. It is a great option for newcomers wanting to explore from a well-placed, five-star base that’s steps from Central Park, Rockefeller Center, MoMA, and therefore the Theater District.


24. The Chatwal | Book Now

Category: Luxury

Neighborhood: Midtown

Starting/peak prices: $595/$775

Best for: Business travelers, couples, Marriott loyalists

On site amenities:  Broadway concierge, Classy restaurant, house car, butler service

Pros: Broadway concierge is superb and can cause you to desire Upper side royalty, next the 5-star service with personal butler

Cons: Room prices are expensive and could be out of reach for several

The Chatwal is another higher-end property we’ve deemed well worth the cost given its coveted Midtown location, old fashioned Manhattan glam, five-star service, and sizeable rooms.

Rooms start at $500 per night, which isn’t cheap true; however, it is accurately priced for such a top-tier hotel in Manhattan. It’s actually cheaper than other ritzier counterparts. As a Marriott Bonvoy property, it is a good place to take advantage on points if the worth tag still seems out of reach, too.



25. Baccarat Hotel | Book Now

Category: Luxury

Neighborhood: Midtown

Starting/peak prices: $675/$1,407

Best for: Business travelers, couples

On site amenities:  Beautiful indoor pool, bar, and Glamorous restaurant spa, and gym

Pros: the general design of the whole hotel is immaculate, elegant, and refined, while still remaining warm and welcoming. On site food served within the Salon isn’t to be missed

Cons: The entry-level price is extremely expensive for a typical room. Additionally, even the purported best hotel in New York City is not quite perfect in addition, the noise from the TV within the next room was quite audible during my stay

Baccarat Hotel is considered one among the simplest hotels in NYC City, if not our planet, and it is easy to ascertain why. The elegant property, owned by the French fine crystal brand of an equivalent name, is teeming with dazzling crystal fixtures, glassware, and chandeliers from the high-end line, and the guest room and the elevators as well.

The opulent also look delivers on substance also as style, painstaking attention to detail, with impeccable service, and gleaming rooms that desire the type of place Bond might stay.